Sowing Care to the Homeless on Christmas Celebrations

In collaboration with Life Centre Community Services, we organised a special Christmas Celebration Event for the Homeless/Rough Sleepers residing at both S3P@Bible House and S3P@Yishun Shelter on 15 Dec 2022. Through this Christmas event, we hope to provide holistic care and bring cheer to the residents and lift their spirits, where we prepared a host of fun-filled programmes for the residents.

The programme started off with a welcome speech by Helen, Manager at S3P@Life Centre, followed by an opening prayer by John. This was followed by 2 hilarious games – ‘Simon Says’ and ‘Charades’. During the ‘Simon Says’ game, laughter could be heard when the residents caught themselves performing the funny actions when ‘Simon Says’ was uttered. The residents were fully energised and truly enjoyed the game! During the ‘Charades’ game, one resident was invited to perform an action related to the Christmas theme while the others would guess the word. The residents performing were lively while the others were excited to guess the correct answer!

After the games, the volunteers at Life Centre led the singing of Christmas carols with the residents. They sang their hearts out and fist-bumped one another in camaraderie while singing as the night’s atmosphere raised to a new high. Then, Brother Samuel Kumar shared a short message from the Bible, followed by testimonies shared by two volunteers. Then came the solemn moment for everyone when the residents reflected about their journey as a rough sleeper at both Bible House and Life Centre.

After that, Aaron had the honour of distributing out ang paos to the residents, who were very grateful for the love gift. Rev Sam Gift gave a closing remark of encouragement and blessing to the residents. The Christmas Celebrations culminated with the residents being treated to a sumptuous dinner spread of fried rice with chicken wings, fruit, drinks, and cake. They feasted to their hearts content. Ending the Christmas celebration at 9.45pm, transport was provided for the residents to travel back to Bible House. They had bright smiles on their faces and their hearts full with contentment.