Thank God for this opportunity to get to know the migrant domestic workers more. I was initially afraid that they would be quite shy and not involved when playing the game, but they were actually very active and sociable. Most of them might feel like they are alone; coming to another country to work so I hope that they know there are support groups out there caring for them. May God strengthen and guide these individuals when work gets too stressful and overwhelming. I pray for more events like these to meet other cheerful and friendly migrant domestic workers!


Volunteer for ADEO

My experience with our youth group interacting with domestic workers was truly and eye-opening and fulfilling one. Playing captain’s ball together was not just about the game but about building connections and understanding. Hearing their stories and experiences added a deeper layer of empathy and perspective. It was heartwarming to see how something as simple as playing games could bridge gaps and create meaningful bonds. Overall, it was a joyous experience filled with laughter, learning, and genuine connections that I will cherish forever.


Volunteer for ADEO

The experience working with ADEO to bring some fun and games to our domestic helpers was truly an unforgettable one. I am glad to have the opportunity to spend my afternoon with them as I know these little acts mean a lot more to them. And I am truly thankful for their hard work daily and I hope that the few hours together will let them know that we appreciate them too.


Volunteer for ADEO

It is an honour to serve. Thanks for having me and hope to be able to serve again.


Befriender volunteer for LYUN

They (the elderly) experienced loneliness and isolation because some of them have lost their mobility and are hard of hearing or because their social circles have become smaller over the years. When we visited and chatted with them, their faces light up.


Befriender volunteer for LYUN

Our sports day with the MDWs showed me firsthand how our helpers need community too, and can build it and thrive in it if given the chance. When they shared about their workplaces experiences, it was clear that they’re women with professions like any other, each with their own aspirations, struggles, and ideas.


Volunteer for ADEO

Thank you! Thank you! It’s a big ang pao! Will not anyhow spend the money.

Beneficiary A

Beneficiary for LYUN

It’s our pleasure to be a part of ADEO. It is so much appreciated, we enjoyed it and were very happy together. Thank you to ADEO for kindly supporting us, we look forward to the next event!

Beneficiary B

Beneficiary for ADEO

Love & bless you all. Thank you SowCare for the shelter provided during the Covid-19 period, hope we can stay together even after the Covid-19 time.

Mr. H

Beneficiary for EHT

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