Sowing Care to The Homeless On National Day Celebrations: ‘Stronger Together, Majulah!’

SowCare organised a special National Day Celebration Event with the theme, ‘Stronger Together, Majulah!’ for the Homeless/Rough Sleepers residing at both S3P@Bible House and S3P@Yishun Shelter on 7 Aug 2022. To provide holistic care and bring cheer to the residents and lift their spirits, the SowCare Team prepared a host of fun-filled programmes for the residents.

The programme kicked off with the welcome and introduction by Aaron and a short sharing and reflection on National Day by John. Following after that, 2 team games were played – ‘Cup Stacking’ and ‘Get To Know You’. During the ‘Cup Stacking’ team game, the residents were grouped into three’s or four people per team with a mix of both the Bible House and the Yishun Shelter residents. Each team demonstrated great team work and coordination as well as dexterity as they stacked up the plastic cups in the shape of a pyramid by some arm & body gestures, strings and rubber bands. The three teams were fully energised and motivated and even progressed to complete the next level with more difficulties and challenges! What a sight to witness such great team work and camaraderie between both shelters!

A video screening on the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s Speech reminded everyone how he fought courageously for our nation’s independence in 1965 and how we ought to be resilient and loyal to our homeland, Singapore. Then came the solemn moment where everyone of us sang the National Anthem to our hearts out and recited the Singapore Pledge with full commitment and allegiance to our nation, Singapore.

After the reciting of the Singapore Pledge, the residents were treated to a sumptuous dinner spread of nasi lemak with various sides, drinks, desserts and curry puffs. They feasted to their hearts content.

Some of the feedbacks received from the residents included:

“Been to National Day parade at Padang when young. I liked the fireworks. Event today is very good, very exciting and the dinner is good. Fantastic!” (Mr L)

“Never attended the National Day parade. Today’s food is nice!” (Mr W)

“I was involved in the National Day parade as part of the Naval contingent. Fireworks display was my favourite. Today’s video screening was a trip back down memory lane.” (Mr K)

“The food today is good!” (Mr C)

“Good effort for a get-together.” (Mr S)

The National Day Celebrations/Observance culminated with a Blessed Draw and the giving of the ang paos to every resident. Ending on a good note, a group photo was taken with bright smiles on the residents’ faces. 

Celebrating 57th National Day with the Homeless/Rough Sleepers
Date: 7 Aug, Sun | Time: 4.30pm – 6.30pm

4.15pmWelcome S3P clients
4.30pmIntroduction and welcome by Aaron/Reflection on National Day by John
4.35pmRun through of the evening’s programme by Valerie
4.45pmGames – 1. Cup Stacking; 2. Get To Know You
5.30pmVideo: Late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s Speech
5.32pmSinging of National AnthemAll present
5.34pmReciting of the Singapore PledgeAll present
5.35pmDinner / Group Photo
6.10pmPersonal Reflection of National Day & Event by Residents1. Have you been to the National Day Parade? Describe your favourite performance. 2.Do you enjoy today’s National Day event? Explain why. (e.g. staff is caring, game is fun and interesting, food is good, etc)
6.15pmBlessed DrawFor all S3P Residents – Top 3 Prizes
6.20pmGiving out of Angpaos + Group photoFor all S3P Residents
6.30pmEnd of Celebration