Ending Homelessness Together: Sowing Care Together on Hari Raya Haji  (With Catholic Welfare Services)

In collaboration with Catholic Welfare Services (CWS), SowCare Ltd. and CWS organized a special Hari Raya Haji Celebration Event for our S3P stayers at SowCare@Armenian and the rough sleepers that CWS has been reaching out to on June 18, 2024. Through this event, we aimed to bring cheer to the residents and lift their spirits during this festive season. 

The event took place at the Catholic Centre@Waterloo and began with a delicious bento dinner generously provided by our partners at CWS, accompanied by satay, snacks, drinks, and dessert. Once the residents had their fill, the SowCare team prepared an engaging activity for everyone to enjoy. Together, we played a modified version of Bingo featuring activities in Singapore. This game fostered conversations among different groups of beneficiaries and volunteers, allowing them to better understand and learn more about each other’s lives. The room buzzed with chatter as residents shared stories of past experiences, such as having BBQs at East Coast Park, watching the NDP at the Floating Platform, and even performing in school events. The energy was high, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game, creating a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere.

At the end of the event, everyone received a gift pack lovingly prepared by the SowCare team, which included small snacks and a set of SowCare reusable cutlery for their daily use. Additionally, ang paos were distributed to the residents, generously provided by our sponsor. The evening ended on a high note, with residents from both sides sporting bright smiles and hearts full of contentment. We would like to thank CWS for their hospitality and for the support through this partnership. This gathering reinforced SowCare’s commitment to connecting hearts and impacting lives not only to our residents but also to anyone who might need this help.   

“You guys are like angels” – CWS Resident 

If you are interested in impacting lives, volunteering or partnerships with SowCare Ltd, do write in to info@sowcare.sg or visit our webpage sowcare.sg for more information.  

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of our stayers

Published 19 June 2024  SowCare Admin