Ending Homelessness Together: Visit to SowCare@Yishun

On June 19, 2024, SowCare visited SowCare@Yishun in Yishun to conduct an outreach for the residents there. This outreach allowed the SowCare team to continue to form connections with the residents there and to support our other S3Ps.

The visit began with an introduction to the residents of SowCare@Yishun and their volunteer team. Through brief conversations, we learned about the residents’ lives, hobbies, and interests. One resident shared his experience as a horticulturist, providing us with valuable tips on growing the plants in the compound. After the interaction, the team got a chance to speak to Helen, the centre manager, where we learnt more about the challenges they faced as an S3P so that we could have a deeper understanding of their work there and how we might better continue to support them. By the end of the session, new friendships were formed, and the SowCare team was grateful for the opportunity to have connected with the residents. 

“I am so blessed to have been able to interact with the residents here. I never knew there was an S3P here, even though I have been to Yishun so often,” – SowCare Team Member 

To conclude our outreach, the SowCare team distributed small ang paos, generously provided by our donor, and gift packs prepared by the team to each resident at SowCare@Yishun. This short outreach reinforced SowCare’s commitment to connecting hearts and impacting lives while providing us with greater insight into the operations and challenges of other S3Ps. 

If you are interested in impacting lives or partnering with SowCare Ltd, please write to info@sowcare.sg or visit our website at sowcare.sg for more information on how to support us. 

Published July 2024 

SowCare Admin