Ending Homelessness Together: Sowing Care Together on Vesak Day

On the eve of Vesak Day 2024, SowCare organized a special gathering for the residents of S3P@Bible House on June 21, 2024. 

The residents enjoyed a delicious dinner of Thai dinner spread, featuring a variety of sides such as chicken wings and meatballs. To provide holistic care and bring joy to the residents, SowCare not only prepared this delightful meal but also arranged an engaging activity to help everyone connect. The activity, ‘This or That,’ was a simple word game where participants chose between two options. This game facilitated deeper interactions, allowing our team to get to know the residents better. The participants were enthusiastic and shared personal stories that explained their choices, making the evening even more meaningful. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed both the meal and the lively atmosphere. 

After the meal and activities, the event concluded with the distribution of ang paos to the residents, generously provided by our sponsor.  The evening ended on a high note with a group photo, capturing the bright smiles and joy of the residents. This gathering not only provided a moment of joy and connection but also reinforced SowCare’s commitment to connecting hearts and impacting lives.  

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Published July 2024 

SowCare Admin