Blessed Christmas to our S3P Family!

Source from SowCare, 2021:

SowCare would also like to remember the least and the needy amongst us.

On the 5th and 19th December of 2021, SowCare celebrated a warm Christmas celebration with the rough sleepers at S3P@Yishun and S3P@Bible House respectively.

It was such an intimate and joyful Christmas celebration as we had a fellowship dinner together with them as we share about Jesus and the love of Christ with them.

One of the stayers at the S3P shared a wonderful testimony, “Ever since I knew about Jesus, my life had never been the same.”

During the celebration, we also distributed gifts to the stayers. Being able to serve them and share the joy of Christmas with them is definitely a privilege, just as Jesus came to the world to seek us and serve the lost.

We hope through this initiative, many of them would be touched by His love and find the true Christmas light and hope through Him❤️